McCormick Theological Seminary

Fellowship in Prayer awarded in 2016 a Sacred Journey Grant to McCormick Theological Seminary’s Center for Faith and Service in order to support development of a new curriculum, Prayers of the People, an online 12-week course for young adults engaged in volunteer service programs.  The course shows students how social location has been reflected and contested in and through prayer; and how prayer continues to be a spiritual, bodily, affective, and social "event."

About McCormick Theological Seminary

McCormick’s mission: We are a community of learning and teaching, challenged by the Holy Spirit and grounded in God's transforming love for the world in Jesus Christ.  We are called to nurture the gifts of women and men for faithful Christian ministry and leadership through rigorous academic study, practical experience and spiritual formation.  A seminary of the Presbyterian Church (USA) since 1829 and a progressive leader within the Reformed tradition, we are committed to institutional life, scholarship and
ministry that are ecumenical, urban and cross-cultural.

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