ARTICLES: Articles should communicate an inspirational message of universal appeal and may be told through an individual’s experience. Articles may be written from a particular religious context; however, the language and message should convey inclusiveness. Each article should be approximately 1,500 words in length and double-spaced. Fiction or didactic material is generally not accepted.

Poems are limited to 35 lines; however, we occasionally consider longer poetry. We consider unique writing styles. No more than five poems per submission please.

We are always seeking original prayers to share the richness of the world’s religious traditions.


PHOTOGRAPHS: We accept Hi-Res digital photographs and illustrations for possible publication. Cover photographs are typically in color while interior photographs are usually in black and white. We favor vertical images, but consider horizontal.


SUBMISSIONS: Upon editorial review your submission may be selected for publication in our print or electronic version of SACRED JOURNEY: THE JOURNAL OF FELLOWSHIP IN PRAYER  or on our Fellowship in Prayer website under “Web Exclusives.” Writings with seasonal content should be sent at least four months prior to the referenced season/holiday/event. Please include or be prepared to provide a bio of 50-words or less and a (hi-res) headshot. We will make every effort to contact the author with content revisions. We generally respond to submissions within two months of receipt. You may submit your work by:


E-mail: submissions@sacredjourney.org

Mail: Editor, 291 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08542

Fax: 609-924-6910.

With your submission, please include full contact information:


E-mail address

Mailing address


PUBLICATION RIGHTS: Submissions may be selected for publication in SACRED JOURNEY: THE JOURNAL OF FELLOWSHIP IN PRAYER or on our Fellowship in Prayer website under "Web Exclusives." Your agreement for publication grants Fellowship in Prayer, Inc. non-exclusive publication rights including the right to use and edit work for publication in the print or electronic version of the journal; SACRED JOURNEY, display on the world wide web and to retain the work indefinitely in an online archive.

YOU RECEIVE: A complimentary one-year subscription to SACRED JOURNEY if your work is selected for publication in the journal or on our website. For publication in the print journal you will also receive five copies of the issue in which your work appears.




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